Reasons Why Shopify is better than Magento

Reasons Why Shopify is better than Magento

When it comes to selecting an ecommerce platform for your business, you’re actually deciding the future of your business. A wrong decision can impact your business negatively. Therefore, it is important to opt for the platform that matches the requirement of your business. You need to be informed and more opinionated, most of all, you need to read reviews and do your research well.

Amongst the many factors that need to be taken into consideration while selecting an ecommerce platform, some of them include: transaction fee, options for customization, reporting and analytics, fees for maintenance, third-party plug-ins and more.

Magento and Shopify are two competitors in a battlefield. They are similar as well as unique in their own ways.

Magento is a popular ecommerce platform that was launched in 2007, it is self-hosted and an open source software. One element that makes Shopify stand ahead of Magento is it’s easy to use and friendly user interface. In comparison, Magento is a complicated software that requires technical knowledge as well as skills. Therefore, you can’t use Magento if your business doesn’t consist of professionals.

Magento is flexible and provides double the amount of plug-ins and apps as compared to Shopify. Also, you can fully control the design of your online store. However, the costs associated with Magento are very high. Only the licensing cost starts from $2000. Shopify offers various price plan, one of which starts from $29 per month. You are also given an option to get a 14 day free trial.

Both the platforms offer customer support services, 24/7. Shopify offers more than 100 creative themes for you to choose from.

The main reason why most people prefer and are moving towards Shopify from Magento is the easy set-up and the simplicity of the software. A normal person can easily use the software. It is good for entrepreneurs and small businesses as well. Furthermore, it supports different payment options like credit cards and visa, and it is multi-currency and multi-lingual. Shopify is the perfect ecommerce solution provider is you’re looking for something easy and efficient. You can also integrate it with other social platforms. However, if your business consists of a team of experts and professionals who are aware of different programming languages and wish to choose a technical platform, than Magento might be a good ecommerce platform for such a business.

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