Reasons Why Shopify-The Hosted Platform Is Winning Over Magento Enterprise

Reasons Why Shopify-The Hosted Platform Is Winning Over Magento Enterprise

More and more enterprise-level brands are migrating from Magento Enterprise. Sure, the reason behind such transition is not good. But, the growing figure has shocked online merchants. Wonder what issues eventually brought an enterprise-level business to take this step?

While some tech-savvy retailers value the flexibility and extensibility Magento comes with, there are many retailers who seek for a simple ecommerce solution with more manageable drive. Here are following reasons why Magento Enterprise doesn’t fit to every retailer’s needs out there and how it can be a bit challenging to partner with Magento Enterprise as compared to Shopify plus.

Distributed Architecture vs. Massive Architecture

Since Magento doesn’t include web hosting services with its licensing, that’s why it requires a great deal of care and attention from retailer’s end. Besides the additional cost, the liability to sustain it all can be overwhelming and sometimes can divert your attention from the main goal. Now, when it comes to Magento deployment, a major part of it is dedicated to sustain its performance and scalability rather than aiming for core requirements.

On contrary, Shopify plus offers massive architecture. While Shopify handles everything from hosting to networking, merchants get a great deal of time focusing on their core business. Even high volume merchants can also benefit from Shopify’s scalability, reliability and flexibility they require without any fuss.

Implementation Time

Usually, the Implementation time for Magento Enterprise deployment is 4 – 8 months. In fact, it depends on level of complexity. For this, you might need a team of resources like developers, QA staff etc.  You might need developer’s help in building out customizations as it’s not easy to change the core architecture. And once you tweak it, it’s on you to manage it. Just because it’s going well today, it doesn’t mean it can perform well under peak performance.

With Shopify plus, you get more speed, and small deployment time (usually 2 to 4 months). Rather focusing on hosting, website architecture and security, retailers put all their focus on customer needs first.

Upgrades & Feature Releases

New feature releases and upgrades are challenging for retailers. While Magento offers several security patches in a year, Shopify platform lay low with these new capabilities. Eventually, this saves retailer’s time and money associated with upgrades and patches.


Yes, Shopify is expanding in popularity because it’s a hosted platform. Plus, SaaS is changing the ecommerce world.

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