Scalable Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Importance to New Entrepreneurs

With e-commerce taking over the global market, everyone these days want to sell online. With platforms like Shopify making it possible for anyone to open an online store, many new entrepreneurs in the USA are making good profits. Although not everyone who gets into e-commerce shares the same experience, some investors have made losses until they gave up. From the statistics, many investors that used a scalable enterprise ecommerce platform have been successful. If you are considering opening an online shop, here is why you must go for a scalable platform;

Your inventory will become complex

When starting up your online shop, the current expectations are low because you need to require time before you can build a good following. When buyers begin streaming in, you will realize that you will need to change the way you run things. The reason why many online investors end up with the wrong platform is because of their failure to recognize future changes in their online shops.
A scalable database will allow you to accommodate new customers as well as run other activities like promotions and other offers without involving a developer. A non-scalable platform, on the other hand, is limited in everything. Such a platform will not adapt to your new online shop demands, and that can be risky. You may find that you can only process a specific number of orders each day yet your customers are making over ten orders per day.

You will need better product management

Selling through an online shop is, especially when buyers are competing for products in your shop. If you have been concentrating, you will realize that most of the e-commerce websites that are established always have something new whenever you log on to their website. The essence of this is, customers get the notion that your products are still on high demand and that if they don’t buy their favorite item fast, they might not get it the next time they log in.
For you to actively update your online store with new products, you need a scalable e-commerce platform that understands your need of wanting to upload new items all the time. Remember that you may not need this feature when you start, but once your following becomes stable, it becomes vital. The wicked thing with non-scalable platforms when it comes to product management is that some will only allow you to sell a definite number of items at a time.

Comes with other helpful selling features

Since a scalable e-commerce platform is all about adapting to your needs, there are some facts that many aspiring online investors forget to check on. One of the most used e-commerce software in America is Shopify. It is a scalable platform which gives it more freedom when it comes to what it can do. It is known to have many essential features like a robust app store with an endless variety of applications that you can use to run a successful online store.
It is therefore essential to note that a scalable platform is designed to make work easy for you. Don’t forget that you never know which direction your online business is going to go. You may need to expand your reach to new territories or sell through other e-commerce platforms like eBay. Whatever you need to do to boost sales, your e-commerce platform should be ready to adjust and perform.

Avoid future risks

Once you have chosen to work with non-scalable e-commerce software with your online shop, you risk losing your company in the future. The only solution to using a non-scalable e-commerce platform is to migrate to a better platform. However, this comes with several risks because you will be moving your shop to a new server. That means some of your customers will be unable to find you through the links they used to. That can mean that you will no longer have access to your original traffic because you are no longer on the same location online.
With your SEO rank also getting affected by the migration, you will not find it easy to recover, especially if you were only beginning to get customers to shop from your site. Don’t forget that e-commerce is at its peak in the United States and the level of competition will not make it challenging for you to make it back up once again after getting the chance and wasting it.
You should know that migration is not the only risk that you will be avoiding once you work with a non-scalable e-commerce platform. Not that there are some things that as an online shop, you need to do to attract more profits. Most non-scalable e-commerce platforms have limited features, and that means, you will not be able to do a lot of things, for example, running promotions and selling on discount may not be possible. Without the right methods of attracting your customers, you risk selling anything at all, not because you lack the skills but because your platform is not ready to adapt to your new demands.

Freedom to expand

Growth is one aspect that is expected in any business. For your online shop to grow, you will need more products and intensified online marketing. A scalable platform has all this in consideration; hence, the system will allow you to do whatever it takes for you to sell more. A non-scalable platform will disadvantage you because growth is the last thing to expect. Since they only have basic features, you can only use a non-scalable e-commerce software happily if you have only a fixed number of customers that you don’t expect to grow; something that is not practical when running an online store.


Some online investors have ended up buying the wrong e-commerce platform out of ignorance. Therefore, it is highly recommended that before spending your money on e-commerce software, conduct sound research and ensure that you not only get the right platform but also get to deal with a genuine dealer.


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